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The Be Kind Awards are now open to Nominations

To recognise acts of kindness and the way young people treat others the Be Kind Awards were founded by Sarah Gregory, Head of Year at Sandbach High School and Sixth Form College (SHSSFC). Sarah Maile, is the Director of the Be Kind Awards and also Head of Personal Health, Social and Citizenship Education (PHSCE) at (SHSSFC).

Applications are welcome from reception through to year 13 from mainstream and SEN schools until 17th December 2021.

“I set up the Be Kind Awards as a way to celebrate the kindness being shown by school children despite the negative impact of the media in the midst of the COVID pandemic. As a head of year I wanted to promote and recognise the kindness of my students, and after struggling to find any awards out there to enter, I decided to set up my own. The response from the education community has been immense and we already have applications coming in” Sarah Gregory, Founder of the Be Kind Awards

“We are thrilled to be able to offer an opportunity for acts of kindness from young people to be celebrated. We are incredibly proud of our kind student body and look forward to hearing about kindness from other schools too” Ellen Walton, Headteacher.

For more information see Be Kind Awards.