The Woman in Black

The Women In Black

It will have you jumping in your seats!

A Review by Jeff Allen – Cat 107.9 FM

Even though this has been running in the West End of London for thirty years, I had never seen it before and was looking forward to seeing how Susan Hill’s brilliant work of horror fiction had been brought to life on a stage.

This eerie piece of storytelling is best explained as a play within a play. The premise being that old man Arthur Kipps enlists the help of a young actor to help tell his scarily haunting tale.

Be prepared for locked doors to fly open or scream when touched, an unoccupied rocking chair rolling back and forth, lights going out and the terrifying appearance of the woman in black herself.

It has many ‘scary moments’ with the use of sound and light enhancing these greatly.

As for the production, the set is minimalistic but extremely effective. For example, a smokey stage and a lit outline of the late Alice Drablow’s mansion are all that there is to make you think of what may be lurking in the mist.

The two-hander cast of Robert Goodale and Daniel Easton rarely leave the stage and use their considerable acting ability to transport you into this gothic landscape.

This show is a couple of hours of solid entertainment, so if you love a good scare, this show will be absolutely perfect for you.

Tickets are available from Crewe Lyceum Box Office.