Out and About

Twichy out and about

Hi, and welcome to my first blog. What a busy start to 2019 I’ve had, meeting lots of great guests, being out and about, and not forgetting setting up my own Twitter and Facebook accounts, please find me, I go by the name of Twichy cat.

January was a busy month at the studio, with “Focus on the Cat” being health and fitness, we had lots of guests coming in to chat with us. Bill Pearson came in to talk about his food blog. Victoria from “One You Cheshire East” had some great healthy programmes that people locally could attend.
We then had guests talking about fitness, which made me want to actually have more than sleep in my cat bed! Neil From “We Make Footballs Cheshire” came in and spoke about the training that he delivers to boys and girls at the college.
Annette from Recycle cycles came on and spoke about the benefits of cycling and the great scheme that they run to offer people bikes in the local area.

I have also been out and about with my fellow team mates at The Cat, one highlight of January was being at Harrison’s Bar in Nantwich to celebrate Holly Holy Day, it was a great day and I especially loved the doodle board of all the pictures of me on!!

Can’t wait to tell you all about February the month of love and loneliness but also our birthday. 4 years on 107.9FM the only licensed community radio station in Crewe and Nantwich.