Twichy’s June Round Up

For the month of June our “Focus on the Cat” was volunteering in the local community and I was absolutely overwhelmed by the number of amazing volunteers that give up hours to help support such great courses in our community.

First, I would like to say a great big thank you to all the volunteers that present shows on our station, we broadcast 24 hours a day everyday and each and every show is unique and presented by dedicated volunteer presenters. We also have many presenters that help support our events and behind the scenes planning that help make us the great community radio station that we are. I am proud to be part of this amazing team.

The guests that we had on in the month of June were nothing but inspiring and I loved listening to all the great stories that we told on the shows.

We had a complete variety of charities and not for profits that joined us to talk about the great work that their volunteers do, from the team of at Recycle Cycles that help in the shop and do bike maintenance, to the team that run the community cafe at “Whats Happening at North Street“.

It was great to find out about the passionate team that help keep Queens Park as beautiful as it is.
To hear about the great work that takes place at Friends for Leisure was so humbling, what a fabulous team, the work that you do is fantastic,

It was also great to hear more about the work that Epilepsy Action do, its charities like these that help the people that need it the most, and the support that they offer is underpinned by a great team of volunteers.

Hearing all about the work that Emerging Futures does was fascinating to hear, it must be so rewarding to all involved in charities that help to change lives of others, I am proud that my team on “This is the Cat” is able to share the great work that these charities are doing. If you are interested in volunteering why not contact Flag  Lane who are looking for help on their project.

One thing that I am aware of, even with the support of amazing volunteers, all charities need funding. It was great to have Cheshire Community Foundation on the show to come and talk about the many funding options that they offer through their foundation. The foundation can offer grants for many causes in the local area. Such a great opportunity.

I for one am proud of the work that takes place in our local community.

I am looking forward to reflecting on July, when we are looking at great days out in our local area.