Twichys Monthly Round up – March

What a great month March was focusing on Women’s Services. It all started celebrating International Women s Day, at Crewe women’s Day organised by local charity Motherwell Cheshire and hosted at Cheshire College south and West Crewe Campus.
The day was packed with great speakers, workshops and stands promoting local women in business and women’s charities. What a great community we have in Crewe and Nantwich.
Throughout the month of March we had lots of women services, Women in sport and Women in business visiting our studio as guests.
Crewe FC came in and visited the Late Lunch they spoke about their great girls football team that they run, I really need to go and watch a match and see if they are up for me being their local mascot!!
Dave had two karate experts in Natasha and Clare from Kenshin Ryu, I stayed away that day and let the pigeons get involved instead.

Kate from the Motherwell Show had her team in talking about how they support all mums on the mothering journey. March even celebrated Mothers day and we had some great dedications in for local mums. Rachel from Ruby Doodles Florist and spoke about being a women in business, but most of all about her amazing flowers that were available for Mothers Day celebrations.
Bev from Action on Cancer came in and spoke to Caz about knowing the signs of women’s cancer and why it is so important to go to the regular screenings that are offered. Seriously ladies its so important to go as a preventative measure. Steve from Late Lunch spoke to Kirsty about the invaluable services that Rape Support offer, such services are life changing to rape and sexual assault victims.

What a fabulous community we live in, so proud to be part of it. Lots of services supporting those that need it. It is mens services later in the year cant wait to see what guest we have on and find out more about the great community we live in.

For the month of April the theme is Pounds and Pence. April is the end of the tax year for most and when people often try to get their finances in order, we are looking for local debt charities, money management charities and accountants to come on talk about their services. I myself like to save my money and treat myself each Christmas to the premium cat food that comes on offer!

See you all soon, time for a cat nap!