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Visitors Advised To Avoid Moored Boats

Shropshire Union Canal at Nantwich (Jonathan White)

Article and Photographs: Jonathan White

Canal & Rivers Trust (CRT) manages 2,000 miles of England and Wales waterways.

CRT have advised people to limit their use of the towpath and to be mindful of people living on boats, avoiding stretches where boats are moored against the towpath. 

CRT poster – Supporting the national effort to keep people safe

People should strictly observe social distancing at all times, following the latest advice from the Government.

The advice follows complaints from boat owners that some people are still passing within a metre of their properties or boats on narrow towpaths, making social-distancing impossible.

A narrowboat owner, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “We are at risk from so many walkers, cyclists and joggers that cannot, even if they think of it, keep the 2-metre distance from us.”

Several boat owners have displayed the CRT’s ‘Supporting the national effort to keep people safe’ poster in their window.

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