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Water Safety Plea

Article and Photographs: Jonathan White

The Royal Life Saving Society recently delivered its nationwide Drowning Prevention Week campaign in offering advice on how to enjoy water safely, highlighting that there were 263 fatalities across the country last year related to people spending time near water.

Nantwich weir and beach adjacent to Mill Island (photo: Jonathan White)

Cheshire Fire & Rescue tips for water safety include: 

Dangers – open water:

  • The water may look calm on the surface, but there can be strong undercurrents that could pull even a strong swimmer under the water.
  • The water may feel warm on the surface, but just a few feet below the surface it can be icy cold.  The cold water can affect stamina and strength of swimmers.

Key safety tips for staying safe near water:

  • Alcohol and swimming do not mix – stay out of the water if you have been drinking.
  • Never let older children swim in unsupervised areas like quarries, canals or ponds.
  • Never interfere with lifesaving equipment – you might need it yourself.
  • Swimming anywhere other than at purpose built and supervised swimming pools is highly dangerous and is not recommended, unless as part of an organised club.