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YMCA Crewe Lights Up Community with Window Wanderland

From Monday 22nd to Friday 27th March, YMCA Crewe are asking the residents of Crewe and Nantwich to help create a ‘Window Wanderland’, filling our streets with colour and creativity. 

As we approach one whole year since the day we first went in to lockdown, we are all aware that many of our family, friends and neighbours are finding it tougher than ever. So many people are feeling isolated and that feeling of loneliness takes its toll on emotional and mental wellbeing.

YMCA Crewe want to do something to show that even in the most difficult of times, people in our community are there for each other. 

The YMCA Crewe Window Wanderland will be a symbol of warmth and togetherness. A beacon of light in the darkness. 

It could be strings of fairy lights in your garden, tracing paper silhouettes taped up in your window, or colourful collections of dolls and teddies displayed for all to see. Like the rainbows for the NHS, or the Christmas decoration displays that spread so much cheer, your contribution will be a symbol of community. 

YMCA Crewe are organising this community event to raise awareness of their work tackling social isolation, not just during the pandemic, but as we start to approach normal life again. YMCA Crewe staff cannot deliver many of their usual services due to Covid-19, but hope that Window Wanderland will show that they are still working to create a strong community, where all people can feel supported. 

To take part, all you need to do is choose your design, and then from the 22nd to 27th March from 6pm to 9pm, light up your display, and post a photo on social media using the hashtag #YMCACreweWindowWanderland. Don’t forget to tell people you are taking part to encourage others to participate, and join us in shining a light on the wonderful spirit of community that we have in Crewe and Nantwich. 

If you would like more information, email for inspiration for window designs, or a step-by-step toolkit to help you design your own. To find out more about Window Wanderland events taking place around the country, visit